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exige-sport_-380-weight Exige-sport_-380-pe252575e
Unrivalled in its class: faster, sharper, and more direct than adversaries, the Exige Sport 380 is definitely not for the timid. With a dry weight of just 1,076 kg, and boasting a potent power-to-weight ratio of 338 hp per tonne, the new, pure-bred Lotus has been conceived to out perform and out manoeuvre so called supercars. The new Exige is blisteringly fast off the line, dispatching 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds before reaching a top speed of 178 mph. The uprated 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine in the Exige Sport 380 generates 375 hp at 6700rpm and 410 Nm (302 lbft) of torque at 5000rpm. Refined from countless hours of testing and development, it’s a design that’s proved its mettle by powering some of Lotus’ latest supercars. Power increase comes from a revised supercharger pulley, which increases charge pressure, an uprated fuel pump, a recalibrated ECU and the introduction of a revised exhaust system. Allowing owners to enjoy the new Exige for longer between fuel stops, it also comes with an enlarged, 48-litre petrol tank.
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Lotus returned to the Lightweight Laboratory in order to cut kilos from the kerb weight of the Exige Sport 380 which features hand-made, high-gloss visible weave components as standard. This includes the front splitter, revised front access panel, new rear wing and rear diffuser surround, which together save 2.7 kg. A lightweight, transparent polycarbonate rear window saves 0.9 kg over the glass equivalent in the Exige Sport 350. In addition, the carbon race seats (-6 kg), lithium- ion battery (-10.3 kg), ultra-lightweight forged wheels and grooved two-piece brake discs (-10 kg) combine to cut a massive 26.3 kg. A new design of rear transom panel now has two rear light clusters, rather than the four on the Exige Sport 350, with reversing and fog lights now mounted inboard, cutting weight by 0.3 kg. As with all Lotus cars, aerodynamic efficiency plays a key role in the Exige, helping it drastically expand its performance envelope. Extensive CFD modelling work has allowed Lotus’ design team to fine tune specific areas, in order to deliver a substantial overall improvement. The revised front access panel modifies the air flow exiting the car’s horizontally mounted radiators, before it travels over the car, while the carbon front spoiler and rubber lip spoiler combined with the carbon barge boards reduce pressure under the vehicle.

178 MPH


0 – 60 MPH
3.5 SECS


375 HP


1110 KG

In Action


    • Fuel-injected and supercharged
    • 3.5-litre V6 engine develops 375bhp (380PS)
    • Delivers punchy 310lbs ft (420Nm) of torque
    • Mid-engine provides balance
    • Aero-optimised
    • Lotus-developed Dynamic Performance Management control
    • BOSCH Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
    • Exhilarating acceleration

    • State of the art construction
    • Extruded aluminium chassis-tub
    • Lightweight
    • Great torsional rigidity
    • Provides solid handling base
    • Forged alloy suspension wishbones
    • Chassis cross-members visible

    • Manual 6-speed
    • Exposed gearshift
    • Close ratios
    • Light shift weight
    • Precise changes
    • Balanced clutch weight
    • Optional 6-speed Automatic
    • Forged alloy shift paddles (Auto)
    • Lotus throttle management blips on downshifts

    • Head-turning presence
    • Compact packaging
    • Styled for zero-lift
    • Maximum down force
    • Advanced aerodynamics package
    • Targeted efficiency
    • Motorsport derived

    • Alcantara® trimmed carbon fibre sports seats with contrast stitching
    • Steering wheel trimmed in black leather
    • Engine Start Button
    • Centre console with exposed gearshift
    • Rear parking sensor